DEADLINE EXTENDED: Potato Taste Challenge Prize

Alliance for Coffee Excellence's Susie Spindler (left) with Rogers Family Company's Dr. Mario Serracin (right)

Alliance for Coffee Excellence’s Susie Spindler (left) with Rogers Family Company’s Dr. Mario Serracin (right)

Note: Deadline for prize applications has been extended to Monday, 21 April 2014.

Following the great success of GKI’s Rwanda Coffee Collaboration Colloquium, hosted during the Coffee Research Symposium in Kigali on 17-18 March, we are proud to announce the Potato Taste Challenge Prize.  In partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, GKI has designed a challenge prize for innovative research to tackle the problem of the potato taste defect in East African coffee.

The prize’s objective is to create action-oriented partnerships that identify innovative techniques and technologies that can deliver results in the detection and/or mitigation of potato taste. The winning 1-3 proposals will be eligible for a prize of up to $20,000. To encourage high quality results, an additional $4,000 prize will be given to projects that are completed efficiently and at a high level of quality.

While we do not require applicants to collaborate with cross-sectoral partners in order to win the Potato Taste Challenge Prize, we do encourage submissions of proposals from collaborative teams that include university and private sector investigators, as well as partners from other appropriate sectors. At least one principal investigator from each team must be based in a country affected by potato taste and teams must select an area in which to compete: (1) a technique to test or (2) a technology to develop or test.  Techniques and technologies should focus on improving our ability to detect or mitigate the potato taste.

A world-class Technical Review Committee consisting of scientists, private sector coffee experts, government representatives and development practitioners will evaluate submitted proposals. The committee will select 1-3 winners based upon the proposed projects’ impacts, research designs, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, among other criteria.  We will accept proposals until 21 April, 2014 and we will announce prize winners in mid-May.

For more information regarding application procedures or to submit proposals for the potato taste challenge, please contact GKI Program Officer Andrew Gerard at:

Please follow this link for a more detailed overview of how to apply for the Potato Taste Challenge Prize (note: dates in document have not been changed to reflect extended deadline).


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