Training-of-Trainers on Innovation in Tanzania: Refreshing and Revisiting


GKI’s Sara Farley helps students at NM-AIST

Back in August, we teamed up with UNESCO and the Nelson Mandela Africa Institute of Science and Technology to conduct a Training-of-Trainers program on innovation management skills in Tanzania.  During our first visit we trained trainers on the fundamentals of the skills needed for collaborative innovation and the training techniques needed to impart those skills on more innovators. We see this as a long-term relationship that we hope will yield chain reactions of innovation—read more about the initial training here.


Tanzanian trainers explore teaching methods

This January we had the chance to return to Tanzania to see how well the trainers were doing.  First, we conducted a quick refresher course for the trainers and then we observed them as they took charge.  Four focal trainers delivered courses on how entrepreneurs could deliver value more efficiently and effectively within the Tanzanian innovation system.  Approximately 20 Tanzanian entrepreneurs hailing from Arusha, Moshi, and many other Tanzanian communities gained important practical skills despite their (very) diverse backgrounds (the agriculture, mining, dairy, manufacturing, and tourism sectors were all represented).  This was a thrilling, inspiring experience for the GKI team, the trainers, and the entrepreneurs alike.

– Contributor: Peter Glover


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